Incredible Japanese delicacies await you at Providence, Rhode Island’s finest Japanese restaurant…

Ran Zan:
A Pearl At Blackstone Boulevard

Small but breathtaking natural pearls come from only one in 10,000 oysters.

sushi pictures, food photos, japaneseThough Japanese restaurants are almost as plentiful today as oysters, few offer unique, classic tastes which approach the culinary delights we offer you at Ran Zan (pronounced “Ron Zon.”)

Named after a country village in Japan, Ran Zan brings to New England the true tastes of Japan, from scrupulously fresh sushi and sashimi to light tempura specialties, teriyaki, Japanese noodle soups, and Yakisoba – stir-fried Japanese noodles offered with a spectrum of delicious accompaniments.

At Ran Zan, we pamper you with traditional Japanese hospitality while you enjoy our extraordinary food. Whether you’ve experienced Japanese cuisine in Boston or Providence Japanese restaurants, at Ran Zan we offer you the pearl of Japanese dining. Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant is conveniently located in Providence at the junction of Blackstone Boulevard and Hope Street, under our famous green awning.

Check the menu for pictures of the pearls that await you at Ran Zan!

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Ran Zan’s delicious chilled sushi & sashimi dinner. See the review of Ran Zan in the Providence Phoenix.